Unfortunate Circumstances

June 4, 2008

wordpress for some unknown reason is being problematic on this blog

I have made the decision to move over to here from now on

please follow us to



Term 2 Tuesday Week 5

June 3, 2008

Playgroup My home schooler rode his bike there and back. He provided the morning tea and he also colead the music time. He took part in the art activity too

Maths adding subtraction multiplication geometry (got the geometry part from here)

unfortunity wordpress is having problems posting photos so to see what we made youll need to visit my flickr

Anne rode his bike there and back

went to a computer meeting with Mr Wonderful

Term 2 Monday Week 5 Day Off Holiday

June 1, 2008

My Home Schooler went up the road today on his bike and we cooked scones a batch for Mr Wonderful and a batch for playgroup tomorrow

This weekend

May 31, 2008


Helped with BBQ at church garage sale for an hour

Then spent today until lazy-sunday-link-logothumbnail.jpg 4 pm at a sleepover at

Term 2 Friday Week 4

May 30, 2008







little house on the prairie study

Minnesota Massacre

Maths addition, subtraction, multiplication

swimming my home schooler rode his bike there and back

cooking for tomorrow

youth group “boat building” (the others are sailing them tomorrow but we will have to do it another time)

Term 2 Thursday Week 4

May 29, 2008


Field Trip to Te Mata Peak Fossil Hunting we tramped down into the fossil area

My Home Schooler walked all the way down Te Mata Peak Road

He reckoned it was too scary driving up (it was!! I nearly lost my nerve twice)


Sea Scouts

Term 2 Wednesday Week 4

May 28, 2008






Little House Study Science/English geese

reread the pages about geese from “Little House on the Prairie” then watched this video and then read and discussed this page

wrote down what My home schooler learnt about geese and stuck that a picture into the nature book

we finished this the other day too

Maths addition, subtraction, multiplication, time


this weeks theme key

Music listened to the instruments on Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s instrument page and choose one or two instruments from each family got my Home schooler to describe how they sound – got this idea from Christine when she wrote it here

My Home Schooler also made a musical instrument that reminded me of the rain


started reading The Earth by Roger Coote

went to a friends to play